Architecture & Planning

China`s top engineers, shouldering the mission of redefining data security, have created Data Shield as a leading technology and created a new era.

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enterprise data- protection and leakage prevention

With the help of cryptography, the original data is sliced and stored distributively ( through VM or Docker) as to prevernt data leakage. Only the host can reassemble the slices and the hackers have no access to independently meaningful data


personal data- safe and shared

Individual users, through the sharing of personal family NAS space, can provid data storage space for others. Though preserving the private data of others, they cannot see the original data, because the data is saved as independentlly meaningless slices in NAS.
The distributive data storage facilitates data sharing
In the world where block chain is applied, projects of distributed storage are booming. However, the distributed storage technology is limitedly applied to non-private documents like movies in fear of potential safety problem without relevant security technologies. While the storage technology of Data Shield enables the users to store their confidential documents online or even in other people's hard disk. The shared and safe storage of data in Data Shield can greatly improve the efficiency of network space usage, saving the cost on equipment and space to store sensitive data for the users. In addition to its economical quality, the de-centralized data storage of the Data Shield can enhance the security of every data of every user thus ultimately achieve a win-win future of data storage
The win-win mining system
Mining DSCB is to share your own safe storage space with others, which will facilitate the data storage of both individuals and enterprises. With the shared and safe data storage space discovered through the DSCB mining system, people can save the worries about their numerous photos and the cost on iCloud memory space
Data Shield can reduce the cost of operation and maintenance and improve the level of security for enterprises
The enterprises can also safely store their sensitive data in the network, and no longer spend much on purchasing tape drives every year to store the cold data